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A Neutral Perspective on Kids Essay Writing Samples

A Neutral Perspective on Kids Essay Writing Samples For instance, if you're writing an essay on How Global Warming can be lowered, it'll be a fantastic idea which you take a minute to define what global warming is about in your introductory paragraph. A conclusion is utilised to Get your kid to devote a little more time in the conclusion segment. It can be made up of two or more sentences. Your conclusion does not need to have to be complex or extraordinary. It is necessary for a writer to study each side of the issue to be able to find out how to beat counterarguments. Resolution Here is the point where the issue or conflict is resolved. For instance, if you are interested in being strongly identified with the topic, then you're able to increase the amount of your arguments about the outcomes of an active event. What's more, the papers structure and format needs to be reviewed to stick to the necessary standards. Narrative text is the secret to tapping into a youngster's imaginative side when it has to do with writing. Short essays are important when one is attempting to present an important topic without needing to compose a great deal of words or using a number of pages. Words shouldn't be utilized to fill up blank space only for the interest of it. Patience is doing something about the circumstance and await the consequence of what you did to repair it. The Battle Over Kids Essay Writing Samples and How to Win It The argument concerning child nutritional difficulties, particularly being overweight, can be managed. A family is believed to be an important tool in increase and maturation of anyone. Your son or daughter will likewise be supplied with a planning template to direct his thoughts. The children should know that they're loved, and can come to their parent with any issue. Make an account essay start this training course today. You're in a proper place to discover an assortment of sample essays and English speeches for writings. Because it is a selection of essays, you can pick this up and read what you require, when you want it. Autobiographical essays aren't based on any renowned personalities. To do this, you will need to set your essay off to a superb start. So you are assigned with a persuasive essay but you need no clue what it appears like. What's a persuasive essay. How to compose an expository essay. Things You Should Know About Kids Essay Writing Samples Know that quality isn't going to happen straight away. Thereafter, the practical information from several valid sources ought to be collected and noted down. It's extremely important to read carefully essay services reviews, because you wish to steer clear of low superior services. After you've determined the aim of your essay, you're know what information has to be included and the way that it has to be presented. Things You Should Know About Kids Essay Writing Samples Explain your students, that it's always better for them to pick a topic they understand well and have a chance to earn a research on. By means of this process, students will make discoveries, which will aid them within their own writing. All students will discover this help invaluable. Commuter students have the ability to change the monotony of school. Hence, it's important to include essay writing for students from an extremely young age. Keep in mind, that an essay is not just about writing skills, but it demonstrates the capacity of your students to research too. In English Language, compositions or essays actually are one of the most crucial facets of the subject. Writing good compositions is vital in the English Language in the feeling that it enables the student to have the ability to express what is in her or his mind regarding a specific matter. In the English classroom, though, a text has traditionally been a part of literature. Inside my classroom, if you may write words on a paper, you're an author. It's never recommended to write very lengthy headings that wind up looking like complex sentences. There ought to be no word lists. You must get into the minds of your students in order to work out what things mean the most to them. Think about what's going on at the present time. For example, if kids ruled the Earth, their very first rule may be all-you-can-eat ice cream and candy. Without knowledge, nobody would understand how to do anything or make anything.

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Defining Monologophobia

Early last century, Henry and Francis Fowler coined the phrase elegant variation to refer to needless substitutions of one word for another for the sake of variety (The Kings English, 1906). Given a choice between monotonous repetition on the one hand and clumsy variation on the other, were advised to prefer the natural . . . to the artificial. In other words, to ensure that our writing is clear and direct, we shouldnt be afraid to repeat words. Similar advice was offered decades later by New York Times editor Theodore M. Bernstein, who coined his own terms for the fear of repetition and the excessive use of distracting synonyms: Monologophobia Definition: An overwhelming fear of using a word more than once in a single sentence, or even in a single paragraph. Etiology: As a child the patient was probably compelled to stand in a corner because he wrote, in a composition: Grandma gave me a piece of apple pie, then I had another piece of apple pie and then I had another piece of apple pie. Symptoms: The patient now writes: The wife gave me a piece of apple pie, then I obtained another slice of the pastry containing the round fleshy fruit, and then I secured another portion of the all-American dessert. As is evident, monologophobia is usually accompanied by synonymomania. Treatment: Gently suggest to the patient that repetition is not necessarily fatal, but that if it is an intrusive manifestation, the corrective is not a conspicuous synonym but rather an inconspicuous pronoun or noun: another, a second, a third one.(Miss Thistlebottoms Hobgoblins, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1971) A monologophobe, Harold Evans has said, would edit the Bible to read, Let there be light and there was solar illumination (Essential English, 2000). Needless repetition is often just clutter that can be readily avoided without indulging in synonymomania. But not all repetition is bad. Used skillfully and selectively, the repetition of keywords in a paragraph can help to hold sentences together and focus the readers attention on a central idea.

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Leadership Styles Effective Leadership - 840 Words

This short paper examines effective leadership. Effective leadership may be outlined in many ways. Although exposed to several different leadership styles, I find that I respond best to a leader who believes in the works and theories of Confucius. According to McMahon, the Confucian leadership system believes that leadership is an emergent quality of the character that radiates and makes others want to follow, based on the respect and trust the leader generates (McMahon, 2010). I believe the new president at the law school in which I am employed, exemplifies and leads the institution under these same philosophies. Conscientiously or not, the new president works and follows the Confucian path of leadership. Recently, a new president was appointed at my place of employment. As a direct report to the president, I am charged with the responsibility of the overall enrollment in the institution. Nationally, law school applications have hit an all-time low (Kitroeff, 2014). However, my new supervisor chooses to lean on her expert team rather than step out on unknown territory. She recognized the school was in a state of displacement and turmoil, and felt it was her duty to transform an institution she believes in. Unlike her predecessors, she led with a positive attitude and presumed good intent from her staff and administration. Specifically, she began her tenure by honestly analyzing her strengths, and carefully surveying the institution and her employees; she wanted toShow MoreRelatedLeadership Style And Effective Leadership Styles986 Words   |  4 PagesGroup leadership refers to the processes of leading, influencing and motivating members of a group to become highly competent in achiev ing the goals or objectives of the group (Aritz and Robyn 73). Though the adoption and implementation of a relevant and effective leadership style, group leaders become effective in driving change through work groups and facilitating the achievement of organizational goals. Leaders play a wide range of roles in leading groups, such as motivating members, coordinatingRead MorePersonal Leadership : An Effective Leadership Style1644 Words   |  7 PagesPERSONAL LEADERSHIP PORTRAIT Developing an effective leadership style requires one to become aware of their strengths and weakness when operating in the role of a servant leader. Identifying personal preference can assist with better aligning expectations and goals that one would like to see demonstrated in those they lead. Taking on the role as a servant leader requires patience, understanding, and most importantly compassion for others. As a servant leader he or she should always considerRead MoreLeadership Styles And Views On Effective Leadership1382 Words   |  6 Pagesdysfunction between Keller and Petrou is their differing leadership styles and views on effective leadership. This can be seen through both the first and second performance appraisals. In both meetings, Keller and Petrou quarreled over Petrou’s leadership style and ability, and the dispute ultimately led to revisions in the performance appraisals. Keller’s view on leadership line up best with a contingency and an implicit perspective of leadership. Throughout the case study, Keller emphasizes theRead MoreEffective And Ineffective Styles Of Leadership1676 Words   |  7 PagesPeople have always asked if there is any style of leadership that is most effective. Nevertheless, numerous theories and models have been created to show that there is no style of leadership that is the best. Rather, styles of leadership need to adjust depending on the variables such as the leader, the situation, the subordinate, the task, the environment and other factors. Paul Hersey, Kenneth H. Blanchard, and Dewey E. Johnson noted that if the leader’s style of behavior is appropriate or matchesRead MoreThe Adoption Of An Effective Leadership Style995 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction The adoption of an effective leadership style is necessary to achieve Organizational goals and to enhance productively. According to Riaz, Haider, (2010), organizations are expected to carry out tasks with limited resource to the maximum level in order to maintain the competitive edge and sustain profitability position of the organization. Therefore, it is imperative for organizations to adopt leadership styles with characteristics of motivating, directing and influencing employeesRead MoreLeadership Style : An Effective Leader861 Words   |  4 PagesLeadership Style An effective leader has many factors that enable them to be successful. Some of the key characteristics of an effective leader are passion, charisma, dependability, problem solver, communication skills, and multi-tasking abilities. Marquis and Huston (2015) describe four types of leadership styles; autocratic, democratic, laissez-faire, and bureaucratic. The autocratic leadership style deals more with acquiring control and accomplishing tasks rather than relationships (Marquis Read MoreLeadership Style And Effective Communication Essay1253 Words   |  6 PagesLeadership Style and Effective Communication in the Workplace Introduction Blanchard, Hersey Johnson (2015) introduced the concepts pertaining to leadership styles, self-awareness in Chapter 11, and effective communication in Chapter 12. The two main ideas that will be taken away from the lesson review involve the use of feedback, and active listening, which helps in essential communication within the organization and in one’s daily life. When it comes to choosing the right style of leadershipRead MoreCharacteristics Of Effective Leadership Styles2010 Words   |  9 PagesCharacteristics of Effective Leadership Styles Presented to Perry Barton, Instructor MGMT-1115 Leadership By William Allen June 21, 2015 What are the effective leadership styles? More importantly what are the characteristics of these styles. This paper will discuss in detail three topics and how they relate to effective leadership styles. We will start by evaluating business situations to determine whether the leadership style is participative, autocratic, leadership gridRead MoreEffective Leadership Styles in Buiness Essay1291 Words   |  6 Pages In the world of business, there are a number of effective leadership styles. Among them are autocratic, transactional, and transformational. Autocratic leadership is also known as authoritarian leadership. It is a leadership style characterized by individual control. Leaders make decisions independently with little or no input from the rest of the team. Autocratic leaders typically make their decisions based on their own ideas and judgments’ and rarely accept advice from followers. Leaders provideRead MoreEffective Leadership Styles Within The Workplace1584 Words   |  7 PagesEffective leadership styles Abstract An effective leader influences their employees in a desired manner to achieve goals and objectives. Different leadership styles can affect an organization’s effectiveness and performance. The objective of this paper is to analyze the review of literature on various leadership styles over the past years and how effective and ineffective different leadership styles are in the workplace. Introduction A leader is defined as a person with responsibility to influence

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Annotated Bibliography On Juvenile Crime And Sentencing

Skip Hollandsworth candidly explores the subjects of juvenile crime and sentencing in the electronic long form newspaper article, â€Å"The Prisoner†. The purpose of the essay is to inform the reader about juvenile sentencing and to persuade the audience that there are clear problems with aspects of the U.S. prison system. The article is easily accessible to a large audience because it is online. Hollandsworth takes into account that his audience, mostly consisting of Texas Monthly readers, may already have pre-established notions about the topic, so he considers other sides while still supporting his argument. Edwin Debrow, a preteen member of the Crips, committed a murder when he was 12-years old and received a 27-year sentence through the†¦show more content†¦69). Hollandsworth’s dedication gives him credibility; he spent years on this article and a lot of time with Debrow. Hollandsworth clearly knows Debrow’s life, information about the Determinate S entencing Act, studies done on young adults in prison, and historical context. â€Å"But the eighties had witnessed a sharp increase in juvenile crime, which was blamed largely on gangs and the explosion of crack cocaine. Citizens had been demanding that kids who committed adult crimes be given adult time† (para. 28). Hollandsworth provides background information to further his credibility and the reader’s understanding of the Determinate Sentencing Act. Mainly, Hollandsworth makes his appeal to ethos through time spent with Debrow and his extensive knowledge of the topic. The article displays an appeal to credibility through detailed accounts of Debrow’s life, yet there is also careful consideration to elicit specific emotions throughout the text. Hollandsworth makes a prominent appeal to pathos through literary devices and specific use of detail. â€Å"The night of the robbery, Edwin drank Thunderbird wine mixed with grape Kool-Aid† (para. 23). This is an example of selective use of detail and literary devices together; he juxtaposes the crime and Thunderbird with the nostalgic and childlike connotation of grape Kool-Aid. Hollandsworth constantly reminds the reader that Debrow was 12, even though he may seem to be so hardened and already involved with a gang, crime,Show MoreRelatedAnnotated Bibliography On Juvenile Offenders950 Words   |  4 PagesAnnotated Bibliography 1. JUVENILE TRANSFER TO ADULT COURTS A Look at the Prototypes for Dangerousness, Sophistication-Maturity, and Amenability to Treatment Through A Legal Lens http://psycnet.apa.org.ezproxy.liberty.edu:2048/journals/law/8/4/373.html In transferring, a juvenile to adult court there is a certain amount of criteria that needs to be followed. The first criteria is if the juvenile is dangerous to the community, the maturity of the offender, and the psychology findings of the offenderRead MoreEssay about Juveniles Must Accept Responsibility2061 Words   |  9 PagesJuveniles Must Accept Responsibility Are juveniles as under control today as they were in the past? Crime plays a major role in today’s society. The government follows the policy and has always followed the policy that no crime goes unpunished. The controversy that surrounds the United States courtrooms today is whether or not a minor needs to stand trial as an adult for committing a serious offense. These decisions made by the judge or jury in the preliminary hearing affect the rest of theRead MoreThe Role of the Death Penalty on Preventing Future Crime Essay8133 Words   |  33 PagesDoes the death penalty prevent future crime? We are scared. Surveys find that the fear of crime is high and perhaps rising. So the question of prevention is important. General deterrence is the idea that punishing an offender deters others from committing similar crimes. But does the threat of the death penalty actually discourage others from killing and thus make us safer? If so, does it do so significantly better than other forms of punishment? Dozens of studies have examined theRead MoreRace And Crime Of The Criminal Justice System6937 Words   |  28 PagesRace and Crime For hundreds of years’ race and crime in America has been an ongoing issue. Therefore, the criminal justice topic I am going to research throughout this paper will be regarding the different races and crimes that are most commonly committed and how each different race is treated in the criminal justice system also how they are each individually affected by the American justice system. I will discuss background information of each race as well as problems and issues they are currently

William Mckinley, A Influential Leader For Making The...

William McKinley, creditable for being a prominent leader for making the United States a better place and changing the life for American people. He is noted for his success in moving the country forward through the tariffs that he had put in place, the establishment of the gold standard, the victory of the Spanish American war, and importance of foreign policy. William McKinley was born in Niles, Ohio with his dad, William Sr. McKinley, his mom, Nancy McKinley, and 7 siblings. William was enrolled in the Poland Academy. He attended Allegheny College, but didn’t complete because of financial issues. A good student, though not a brilliant one, he succeeded by dint of hard work and exceptional retention. Later on two of his children had†¦show more content†¦Once he had assumed the responsibilities of office, McKinley immediately turned his attention to measures for assuring economic recovery and called a special session of Congress in order to raise customs duties, an effort he believed would reduce other taxes and encourage the growth of domestic industry and employment for American workers. From his position he managed to maneuver the passage was the Dingley Tariff Act which he concentrated his energies on. It is the highest protective tariff in American history. McKinley’s support for the Dingley Tariff strengthened his position with organized labor, lower rates, was the greatest source of income, and opened up the idea of reciprocity. Deferring action on the money question, he called Congress into special session to enact the highest tariff in history. The tariff was, in his view, a key measure for achieving national order and tranquility to eliminate the corruption, such as, trusts and monopolies, going on in that time period. This has helped him undergone considerable revision for his reputation as a president due to the improvement he has caused. The Sherman Silver Purchase Act, passed the same year as McKinley s tariff legislation, had been inadequate to meet the demand for better prices or for an increase in the stock of money. Once again the segments of society that stood to gain from higher prices, especially the farmers of the WestShow MoreRelatedThe American Of The Spanish American War1630 Words   |  7 Pagesthe Spanish American War to the current conflict in the Middle East, the United States went from relative isolation to increased global involvement because of their urge for humanitarianism, economic self-interest, and the search for Manifest Destiny. The consequences of this increased global involvement on American society were the increase of immigrants, increase in resources and â€Å"Yellow Press† media. The United States were the helping hand to Cuba during when America was moving from relativeRead MoreHistory of the United States from 1877 to 1917: Industrial Revolution1243 Words   |  5 PagesHistory of the United States from 1877 to 1917: Industrial Revolution There are five important things that every American citizen needs to know about the time period from 1877 to 1917: #5. The 1896 Presidential elections in which William McKinley was elected, marked one of the most important elections of the 19th century since the beginning and the end of Civil War when Abraham Lincoln was the President. The 1896 elections were highly symbolic in that the victory of McKinley also meant victoryRead MoreThe United States And Foreign Policy Essay4400 Words   |  18 PagesIn contemporary, international society the United States is at the forefront of global affairs. Moreover, scholars have argued that after the First World War, American hegemony led a path for a liberalized world, where cooperation and harmonious institutions unit the world. However, the United States historically has never been this type of hegemonic leader. Rather from their conception as a nation they had a foreign policy which isolated them from foreign affairs of the world, from President WashingtonRead MorePresident Theodore Roosevelt Proclamation and First Inaugural Address: the Use of Ethos and Pathos3346 Words   |  14 Pagesthe case for Theodore Roosevelt for there was no pending farewell speeches planned. Vice-President Roosevelt became president after the unexpected assassination of President William McK inley on September 14, 1901. In Campbell and Jamieson’s chapter on â€Å"Special Addresses: The Speeches of Ascendant Vice Presidents,† they state that in history there have been only nine times where a vice president moved up to president (57). Eight of these incidents involved a president being assassinated and one involvedRead MoreThe Politics of Campaign Finance Essay2530 Words   |  11 PagesFrom the very first elections held in the United States, there has always been a strong link between money and politics. During the first elections in the late 1700’s you had to be a white male landowner over the age of 21 in order to vote, meaning that you had to have money in order to have your vote counted. It seems today that we cannot go a day with out seeing campaign finance in the media, whether or not it is through advertisements for politicians in the media or asked to donate money to helpRead MoreIda B. Wells : An Influential African American Woman Of Her Ti me2387 Words   |  10 PagesIda B. Wells was the most influential African American woman of her time, who set the path for many women like Rosa Parks, Shirley Chisholm, and many others, who can walk with their heads held high and no more looking back. She achieved so much while she was here on earth. Wells’ was born in during slavery in Holly Springs, Mississippi. She grew up with both parents (her mother’s name was Lizzie Bell, who was sold by a number of owners and her father’s name was James Wells, who had one master,Read MoreEmilio Aguinaldo4383 Words   |  18 Pagesconsistent and it declared him a â€Å"Filipino hero.† Emilio Aguinaldo is best known as the Filipino leader who fought against Spain and later the United States for the independence of the Philippines. Emilio Aguinaldo was born on March 23, 1869 near Cavite, Luzon, Philippines and died February 6, 1964 in Manila. He was born of Chinese and Tagalog descent. He became mayor of Cavite Viejo and also became leader of the Katipunan. The Katipunan was a Philippine revolutionary society aiming to gain independenceRead MoreEssay on American Intervention in Cuba and Puerto Rico5520 Words   |  23 PagesEnd notes are missing from the paper. To Secretary of State John Hay, the Spanish-American War was a splendid little war, one that would bring tremendous benefit to those fortunate colonies liberated from Spain. For those places where the Spanish were forcibly expelled, there was nothing splendid about either about the war or its aftermath. To state simply that war is hell and that change is disruptive is merely to state the obvious. Beyond this, many U.S. historians have characterized the resultsRead More The United States Government Essay example4100 Words   |  17 Pages(History) The United States Government A collection of short reports all dealing with the United States Government. William Jefferson Clinton William Jefferson Clinton was born on August 19, 1946, in Hope, Arkansas. His father, William J. Blythe III was killed in an automobile collision just two months before William’s birth. At age four, William Jefferson Blythe IV was legally adopted by his mothers second husband, Roger Clinton, making him William Jefferson Clinton. At age 22 William receivedRead MorePreserving Americ Protecting The Environment2630 Words   |  11 Pagesnatural wonders exist within the United States because they are protected and desirable. Unfortunately, in the modern world, there is less focus on how to improve and protect the environment. The focus has been shifted towards how to get the most out of the environment. An environmentalist would frown upon the industrial mannerisms that current policy has been backing. This shift has resulted in many looking back to the roots laid by former environmental leaders including Presidents Teddy Roosevelt

Post WWII European Economic Integration free essay sample

Traces the economic integration in Europe from the years after WWII to the groundbreaking Maastricht Treaty and identifies some of the key challenges to this process. The paper comments that at the dawn of this new millennium the project of European economic integration faces a number of challenges, each of which the EU is striving to address effectively. The paper goes on to describe these challenges and explore the pressing issues associated with them. Also examined, is the development of European economic integration from the years following World War Two to the rise of the European Union. In 1995 the Madrid European Council asked for an examination of the likely effects of enlargement on the European Union. The report was to contain information pertaining to the consequences of enlargement in regard to agricultural and structural policies as well as a long-term budgetary outlook. Financial information was important because it was thought that enlargement would entail an extensive overhaul of EU economic policy in order to incorporate new member states. We will write a custom essay sample on Post WWII European Economic Integration or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page

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Cloud Computing Services For IBM Samples †MyAssignmenthelp.com

Question: Discuss about the Cloud Computing Services For IBM. Answer: Product details For the discussion in the report, the selected product is cloud computing. Company IBM is providing cloud computing services to its clients. This is the service which is provided by the internet. The cloud computing service can be described as the practices to sort, manage and process the data by the remote servers hosted on internet. These services are provided by the company to the clients based on pay-for-use. Various models of cloud computing are provided by IBM including PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, Hybrid cloud, Private cloud and Public cloud. There are some important aspects of the cloud computing. This report focuses on the target market of B2B product along with the relationship strategy. Along with this, report also describes SWOT analysis for this business of IBM (Panettieri, 2016). Target market for product IBM is expanding its services for cloud computing along with validation program to the service providers and service and consulting service companies. There are various potential target markets for the cloud computing services. The company IBM narrow downs the respective markets to target the potential customers. Industry of large enterprises- While focusing on the internal cloud computing, some large companies are focused towards adopting the cloud computing services. So, the potential customer for IBM are large companies that are adopting cloud verticals to improve their businesses but do not have key sources of differentiation. For example, pharmaceutical companies can adopt the cloud computing service to drive cist saving and efficiency in the business (Dwyer and Priluck, 2012). SMBs- The most significant segment for IBM is SMBs i.e. small and medium business. Company is targeting smaller customers who have less existing IT capabilities. Along with this, financial service companies can use the cloud computing as they have strong relationship with their customers. Emerging markets- Customers with limited resources in the developing market can be potential customers for IBMs cloud computing service. These target markets have ability to scale service consumption in times of growth. For instance, automobile manufacturers can use cloud computing to reach their dealers in distant market (Sallehudin, Razak Ismail, 2015). Relationship strategy There are some strategies adopted by IBM to strengthen the relationship with the potential target market. The strategies adopted by the company are as follows: Communicate beyond the walls- To strengthen the relationship with the customers, company provides access to the customers for the information and online resources. Company is engaged with the customers with the two-way conversations by social media tools and customer generated content. This is helpful in enhancing the customer loyalty by responding their interests (IBM, 2017). Value chain activity- Company creates the culture of innovation by integrating entire value chain in the single collaboration strategy. This strategy is used to improve the internal as well as external communications with the associates and customers (IBM, 2009). SWOT analysis SWOT analysis is the strategic tool to identify strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of a business. The company IBM has wide recognition in the market in terms of developing computer hardware and software. The company is also providing infrastructure, consulting and hosting services in the area of mainframe computers to nanotechnology. SWOT analysis for IBM in terms of cloud computing is as follows: Strengths- The business of IBM has technological success in the world since last many years. This is company which is handling 95% of all the business in the 1000 most profitable companies in US. Along with this, core strength of the company is that the business of IBM is the largest and most profitable business in the world with the value of $66 billion. IBM is an established and old company which is operating in the business of cloud computing. Further, the strength of company is that company is dedicated to the creation to technological innovation which leads to the creation of computers, various software and products. The products and services of technological innovation make the company superior in the market (Porter Heppelmann, 2014). Weakness- The size of the business is also a weakness for the company. It can make it slow down the company to meet needs and wants of the customers as well as industry fluctuations. More employees can make it difficult to find the support and services. Along with this, there are enormous operating costs in the business and competitors are trying to have large number of market share in the market. Company is operating in various countries and communications in these countries can be very challenging for the company. Opportunities- For IBM business, globalization can be important opportunity for the company which can be used for balancing the fluctuations in various economies. The brand image of the company is very strong in the market so it has further opportunity to create the products for the younger generation and reposition the company in the market. Along with this, there is the opportunity to maintain competitive advantage in the market and innovation is the key factor to create new products in ever changing market. The small-medium business of IBM has improved over the last years but there is the need to increase market share by the company to gain competitive advantage in the market (Armstrong, Adam, Denize and Kotler, 2014). Threats- There are some challenges for the business of IBM which must be addressed by the company. The company is completely dependent on Microsoft and that could be a big problem if anything happened to them. Further, there is one more threat for the company that hackers can expose sensitive and important information so; there is the need to be innovative by IBM in terms of firewalls and protective software. In the business of IBM, there are very suppliers in supply chain and they are making the company very little to negotiate for switching (Civi, 2013). Along with this, there are some big competitors of the company i.e. HP, Microsystems and they are threats also to the bottom lines of IBM. The competitors are able to develop cheaper products to make more profits. References Sallehudin, H., Razak, R. C. Ismail, M. (2015). Factors Influencing Cloud Computing Adoption in the Public Sector: An Empirical Analysis. Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business, 3(1), 30 - 45. IBM, (2009). Business Strategy for Cloud Providers. Retrieved on 14th November 2017 from https://www.itworldcanada.com/archive/Documents/whitepaper/ITW157B_BusinessStretegyForCloudProviders.pdf IBM, (2017). Strengthen Relationship. Retrieved on 14th November 2017 from https://www-01.ibm.com/software/in/lotus/solutions/relationships/ Porter, M. E. Heppelmann, J. E. (2014). How smart, connected products are transforming competition. Harvard Business Review, 92(11), 64-88. Armstrong, G., Adam, S., Denize, S. and Kotler, P., (2014). Principles of marketing. Pearson Australia Civi, E., (2013).Marketing strategies to survive in a recession: International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets. 5(3). pp.254-267. Panettieri, J. (2016). Cloud Market Share 2016. AWS, Microsoft, IBM, Google. Channele2e. Dwyer, C. and Priluck, R., (2012). Digital Imperatives in Marketing: The Integration of Communications and Technology to Target Consumers While Protecting Privacy.